By Thomas Pankratz

Founded in 2017 in Hallock, MN, a town of 981 people, the revelation that craft beer can build communities is what drives them. Revelation is located in an old 1930’s service station that was going to be torn down prior to its current remodeled splendor. The completely remodeled historic Johnson Standard building in the heart of downtown Hallock. The owners of Revelation Ale Works, Ryan and Lindsey Evenson (and Ryan’s brother and brewer Josh) got the property in 2015 for $100 dollars and have rescued this classic building by turning it into one of the most unique Minnesota breweries. Revelation Ale Works is an ultra-rural craft brewery, focused on doing beer and business a bit differently.

With their crazy Smoothie Sour Series Cranberry Plum and their always delicious Blood Orange Wheat, and a creamy Peanut Butter Porter, Revelations seems to be a hit with anyone who gives their beers a chance. And we haven’t even talked about one of their best-selling beers, Edison’s Medicine New England Style IPA. At 6.4% not necessarily a seasonable IPA nor a “hop bomb”, but this offering is so drinkable and well-rounded it should appease any hop head that gives it a whirl.  Innovative as well as true to traditional beer making practices, Revelations seems to do it all and from this small, but growing, hometown brewery.

The brewery offers lots to do for people visiting Hallock as well as the locals with open mic nights, taproom trivia, live music, workshops and seamlessly endless food trucks lined up all spring and summer long, there is never a dull day at Revelations.

If I had to pick a motto for this small-town brewery it would be “Local people making local beers made from local ingredients”. I have always liked Revelation’s offerings. From their IPAs to their sours, their beers have been very well made and have a local flare. From the novice beer drinker to the beer geeks there is something for everyone when you look on our shelves for Revelation Ale Works beers.

Edison’s Medicine

This hazy, citrusy New England IPA is double dry-hopped with TONS of Citra and Mosaic hops. This smooth non-traditional IPA is like an electric shock to the brain! Smooth and citrusy this IPA is ultra drinkable with enough hops to give it a nice light kick! Delicious.  ABV 6.4%, IBU 0 (technically its zero because its Dry Hopped)

Blood Orange Wheat

Brewed with coriander, sweet and bitter orange peel, and LOTS of Blood Orange puree, this flagship brew is orange in color and bold in flavor. With tons of blood orange added, this full textured Witbeer has a balanced flavor that is perfect on a warm summer day as well as a cozy winter night.  ABV 4.8%, IBU 10

Smoothie Sour Cranberry Plum

Their smoothie sours are brewed with pale and wheat malts and a touch of lactose to add a smooth and creamy body. This particular batch is conditioned on loads of cranberry, plum, and vanilla to provide a sweet and tropical tartness to sip and relax. Fully sweet and smooth, its like desert in a glass. Would go great with Ice Cream! Cheers!  ABV 5%, IBU 0

Peanut Butter Stout

This pitch-black pour with a thick tan head will make any stout fan blush with anticipation. Nice peanut butter aroma with hints of chocolate and the taste backs that up with a peanut butter sweetness on the tip of your tongue and a lingering chocolate and coffee finish from the dark roasted malts. Slight bitterness from the chocolate flavor but yet light and smooth. Appeases the dark beer drinker in the family.  ABV 4.9%, IBU 30

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