Brewery of the Month

March 2023

By Thomas Pankratz

Founders Brewing was established circa 1997 in Grand Rapids Michigan. Co-Founders Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers started a modest brew pub and turned it into what you have today, a brewery with over 600 employees and a beer that is sold in all 50 states.  From the verge of bankruptcy, Founders has undergone numerous expansions to become one of the most recognized breweries in the United States.

Founders has to be one of my favorite breweries ever since the release of All Day IPA. Such a delicious beer that is easy to drink and won’t blow your taste buds away with overwhelming hoppy flavors or citrus notes. Just a wonderfully balanced beer that goes with everything. From a day on the beach to popping holes in a frozen lake All Day can be drank every day! The folks at Founders continue to innovate with beers like Green Zebra Gose style variants and don’t forget their barrel aging program that has always been a hit with customers. Of course, they still have their standard core beers like All Day IPA and Centennial IPA as well as new up and coming All Day Hazy IPA which are all very solid beers that should appease any Hop Hunter.

“For 25 years Founders Brewing Company’s dedication to the state of Michigan has shown through in everything we do. Surrounded by the Great Lakes, we’re devoted to using our freshwater resources in a sustainable fashion to provide you with the highest quality beer possible – from All Day IPA (currently celebrating its 10th year in production!) to craft beer stalwarts like KBS, which celebrates 20 years of barrel-aged excellence in 2023. The mitten state has given us so much– and we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to give back, supporting local causes and businesses from our hometown of Grand Rapids, MI all the way across the Mackinaw Bridge to the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula. For these and other reasons too numerous to count, we’re proud to say that Founders Brewing Company is Born & Brewed in Michigan since 1997.”

In short, Founders has come along way since their humble beginnings as a small brew pub and continues to grow and impress. So check them out next time you get a chance. They are sure to impress. Cheers! 

Satisfies your tastes while keeping your senses sharp. Brewed with a complex array of ingredients. Balanced for optimal aromatics and a clean finish. One of my all-time favorite beers with just the right amount of hops.  IBU 42   ABV 4.7%

A substantial amount of oats and wheat lend a whimsical fogginess, while Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo hops create an explosion of aroma. A sessionable, cloudy treat that can be enjoyed in any weather, hazy or otherwise.  IBU 50, ABV 4.9%

Delightfully tart and slightly sweet, this gose-style ale is our refreshing take on an easy-drinking fruit beer. Light and refreshing, this beer is like biting into a pineapple upside down cake with a sour snap on the finish. Should be enjoyed by anyone looking for that sweet and tart pop.  (available in 12 pack sampler)  IBU 10, ABV 4.6%

Same as the Pineapple, delightfully tart slightly sweet. Refreshing and mild peach flavor. Founders take on an easy-drinking fruit beer. Still light and refreshing. More of a crowd pleaser. This one could be my new go to for the lake. Easy drinker! Cheers!  (available in 12 pack sampler)  IBU10, ABV 4.6%

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