Lake of the Woods Brewing Company is based out of Kenora, Ontario and is Canada’s northern most Brewery. With an additional brewery in Warroad, Minnesota and a tap room in Winnipeg, Manitoba, LOW Brewing company is making and selling beer in the region from where it gets it’s name. The Kenora Brewery and the Warroad Brewery are both built in former fire halls which gives them their unique look as well as a reinforcing their commitment to sustainable development by refurbishing an underutilized building.

Warroad Brewery During Construction

Warroad Brewery Completed

Fostering a strong connection with the local communities is a top priority for LOW Brewing Company. They often have local food trucks and local restaurants provide food options for patrons of their breweries. The Livewell, a room in the brewery built for private functions, will also have menu options available through a local catering company.

LOW Kenora Brewery

Warroad Brewhouse 20 Hectoliter Brewing Equipment



Need a light? Lost your way? Channel Marker Light Lager is a wayfinder to fresh’n’ crisp Tasty Town located on Beer Island. Channel Marker is brewed with malted barley, flaked corn and Magnum hops, then dry-hopped with Citra hops. This beer is sessionable and all day delicious with notes of passion fruit and citrus. A light lager guiding the way to your next Lake of the Woods Brewing Company experience.  ABV 4%, IBU 11.

Hidden in the Lake of the Woods region, on a small back lake there exists patches of berries usually reserved for the discerning palates of black bears. Forgotten Lake Blueberry Ale is subtle with a clear fruity nose. Muted blueberry, low bitterness and medium body. Although high in ABV, its finish is smooth and well-balanced. ABV 7.1%, IBU 13

Lakeside is one of Kenora’s first neighborhoods with many of its homes situated on the shores of Lake of the Woods, spattered with small beaches, boathouses & docks. Lakeside Kolsch is brewed using an old-world technique which produces a crisp, clean ale with lager characteristics. It is a delicate & subtle beer with a hint of malt & fruit in the nose. ABV 5%, IBU 6

Northern Flight Blonde Ale is proud to support Minnesota Ducks Unlimited. Since DU’S start in 1937, the sportsman’s organization has conserved 12+ million acres of wetlands and associated habitats across North America, benefiting waterfowl, wildlife and people. 220,000 acres of habitat has been conserved in Minnesota as DU continues to enhance and restore wetlands and grasslands across our state. Take Flight with Northern Flight Blonde and help DU continue to protect important habitats.  ABV 5%, IBU 25






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