Some new and exciting things have been happening at Indeed over the past couple of years. In 2019 the Minnesota based brewery decided to become the very first brewery to have locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin under the same ownership.  The Milwaukee location will have a 10-Barrel brewhouse and a cozy, inviting taproom that seats 100+ people. Indeed – Milwaukee, will definitely bring its own flavor to town. “This is no Panera Bread-like expansion,” explains Whisenand. “Milwaukee is a beer town and we are beer people that work every day to make great beer, meaningful commitments to the communities we are part of, and get a real kick out of big ideas and innovation.” At Indeed, we have always believed that innovation isn’t just one thing—one beer or one technology or one person—it’s created from a collection of experiences. Inspired by the pulse of a new city, new water, new beer, and new people, we’re very much looking forward to experiencing Milwaukee, and the state of Wisconsin to the fullest.

Above: Inside the Taproom at the Milwaukee Brewery


In 2021, Indeed Brewing Company is partnering with Revival to offer its Northeast taproom guests a custom-made menu this summer. Operating from its first-ever food truck, Revival will serve cuisine curated to complement and elevate the Indeed experience alongside its impeccable Southern hospitality. Revival, at Indeed, will boast consistently delicious food and drink with a focus on seamless service into early fall 2021. “We’re so excited to welcome the Revival team to Northeast Minneapolis. Their presence the rest of summer will complement and elevate our guests’ taproom experience, with seamless service and delicious food made to pair with our beer in our laid-back gathering space,” says Kelly Moritz, COO, Indeed Brewing Company. “I can’t wait to get my hands on the custom Indeed-inspired burger. The cumin-crusted turkey patty (or hen of the woods mushroom) is a unique menu item that highlights this partnership. I hope everyone tries it.” “Revival is so happy to finally find a home in Northeast at the Indeed taproom,” says Chef Thomas Boemer, Chef/Owner, Twist Davis Group. “The menu has been so fun to create, pulling flavors and ingredients from Indeed’s beer list to create food that truly elevates the summer taproom experience!

At Indeed Brewing Company, they are cultivating an artfully eclectic line-up of beers from the heart of Northeast Minneapolis and their new home in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee. Well-known as an engaged and community-oriented brewery, Indeed’s taprooms are warm, welcoming, and home to Indeed We Can, the company’s employee-driven charitable giving program, which donates 100% of taproom net profits to an employee-sponsored local nonprofit every Wednesday of the year. Indeed believes innovation isn’t just one thing—it’s a culture created around good people, good beers, and good experiences. Join them in the pursuit of what’s good.

Indeed Brewing Company is now offering Pistachio Cream Ale year-round, transitioning it from a one-off beer to a core brand. Now in newly designed 12-ounce cans that feature artwork from Minneapolis artist Chuck U. Pistachio Cream Ale started as an R&D project at Indeed’s pilot brewery in Milwaukee, releasing first as a tap exclusive in the Walker’s Point taproom in February 2020. The recipe was brewed on a larger scale in Minneapolis to can and distribute in May 2020. Originally planned as a limited one-off run, its instantaneous success and cult following necessitated multiple drops throughout the remainder of the year to meet demand. “We’ve seen the same, consistent energy from Fargo to Duluth to Eau Claire about Pistachio Cream Ale and have tried to respond as quickly as possible to the demand. Within a year, it’s moving into our year-round lineup and has top three priority with most of our distributors,” says Sales Director Ryan Bandy. “It’s super fun—and kind of stressful—to have a hit like this where you work hard and fast to get the people what they want. We’re excited to let it loose!”

Indeed Pistachio Cream Ale

Just like cracking open a pistachio shell to liberate the nut, raising the pull tab of a Pistachio Cream Ale can to puncture the top has the power to bring immense satisfaction-12 ounces of it to be exact. This pistachio-forward beer does not disappoint with a subtly nutty and malty flavor that leaves a spritzy mouthfeel. It’s a beer to go unabashedly nuts for.  5.5% ABV, 15 IBU

Indeed Oktoberfest

A bier for festing is a beer we can all get behind! Indeed’s version of a classic German-style Oktoberfest pays homage to its roots with smooth German malts and zesty, noble German hops. Light copper in color with a medium-bodied dry finish, our Oktoberfest is tailor-made to toss back, Munich Style. Prost!  5.8% ABV, 18 IBU

Indeed Session Lucy Sour

Lively, spirited, and complex, Lucy Session Sour Ale is the latest labor of love from their Head Brewer Josh Bischoff. A tribute to his daughter of the same name, Lucy was a stubborn beer to make-sour, sassy, and unpredictable-but then again, nothing worth doing comes easy. Light in body with lush tropical fruit notes and a tart, citrusy finish, our session sour is brewed with lemongrass, orange peel and passion fruit. Sip after sip, let Lucy win you over.  4.2% ABV, 27 IBU

Indeed Mexican Honey

Humming with a citrus and floral fiesta for the senses, Mexican Honey Imperial Lager is brewed with Mexican orange blossom honey and Amarillo Hops. Refreshing and dangerously smooth, this award-winning cerveza is all buzz, no bite.  8.0% ABV, 17 IBU


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