Over the course of a year, we have the opportunity to sample and purchase numerous different Single Barrel Selections from local and national distilleries.  In September, we were presented with the chance to sample the first and only Bib & Tucker 12 Year Old Single Barrel available to North Dakota! 

Bib & Tucker currently has three different bottlings available through out the United States; 6 year old, 10 year old and 12 year old.  All of their bourbons are aged in new, white oak barrels with a level 1 Char, which is the lightest char level that distillers will use when aging whiskey.  The charring of the barrels helps lend aromas, color and flavors to the whiskey.  This lighter Char allows the true character of the whiskey to shine thru a little more.  The extended aging for 12 years (our barrel pick was actually aged for 13 years) allows the spirit to move in and out of the charred oak, pulling out more of the caramel and nutty flavors and less of the bold smoky/charcoal flavors and Oak tannins often associated with heavier charred barrels.



Bib & Tucker 12 Year Old Single Barrel

Barreled on 8/17/2007, Selected on 9/17/2020

Aged 13 years and 1 month in new white oak barrels with level 1 char

Bottled at 99 proof, non-chill filtered before bottling

Barrel yield – 188 bottles 

Mash Bill not available 

APPEARANCE:  Dark amber to light copper

AROMAS:  Cinnamon, maple syrup, toasted oak

FLAVORS:  Caramel, honey, cloves, cinnamon

FINISH:  Spicy heat, toasted oak sweetness   

SUMMARY:  This is what I would call a “Breakfast Bourbon”…rich and light bodied.  The lighter char on the barrels definitely gives Bib & Tucker a soft, rich texture over the entire pallet without an overabundance of charcoal character.  Sweet flavors of caramel and clover honey on the tip of the tongue are quickly balanced by cinnamon red hot candies and herbal tea notes.  HUGE finish with notes of sweet corn and spicy rye structure that lingers.   

Happy Harry’s currently offers our Bib & Tucker 12 year Single Barrel at $114.99 regular price and a sale price of $99.97.  Print off the coupon below or display on your mobile device to receive an additional $5 off ($94.97 per 750ml).  While supplies last, may not be combined with any other offer or discounts.




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