Samuel Adams

Brewery of the Month – December 2023

By Thomas Pankratz

2024 is going to be a big year for Samuel Adams. They will be celebrating their 40th anniversary, which is a testament to the dedication and determination of a small business whose aspirations are only outdone by their perspiration and hard work. Not many breweries in the US have been around for as long or sold more beer than Sam Adams Boston Brewery. Boston Beer Company (as it is known today) is an American Brewery founded in 1984 by Jim Koch and Rhonda Kallman. Boston Beer Company’s first offering was a brand called Samuel Adams after the one of the founding fathers. They started in Jim Koch’s Boston apartment and with his dads’ old recipes they started something that would grow into what you have today, a thriving brewery with lots of offerings. They have branched out with Angry Orchard, Twisted Tea, and now Truly Seltzer to compete in today’s market. Also merging with Dogfish Head in 2019, Boston Beer Company has lots of coals in the fire for the long haul.

Sam Adams Brewing has become synonymous with craft beer in the United States. With innovative and limited time offers as well as a barrel age program that I can speak to personally as tops in the business, Sam Adams Boston Brewery continues to plow ahead and will be in the foreground of American brewing for years to come. I have been lucky enough to visit the Sam Adams Boston Brewery on four occasions. Each time I have learned new things about the brewing process and been extremely impressed with how passionate they are to share their knowledge on what good beer is made of and what it takes to make it in an extremely competitive environment. Their staff at the brewery is so kind and helpful and always willing to share little tidbits of information about the beer they love and cherish.

So, if you haven’t had a Sam Adams before or lately, I strongly recommend giving their beers a try. Chances are you will be able to taste the craftsmanship that goes into all their products. Sometimes I feel like I forget about their products with all the options out there these days, but I know every time I give them another chance, I am never disappointed.

Sam Adams Boston Lager Remastered

In 1984, they made Boston Lager so American drinkers could enjoy the full-flavored beer they deserved. It helped start the craft beer revolution we enjoy today. They would have to be crazy to change it, right? They are crazy. But Sam’s didn’t change the recipe. They are constantly chasing perfection in a glass of beer. Which, honestly, is impossible. But they keep trying. Through decades of brewing improvements, Boston Lager is now brighter and easier to drink than ever. All without changes to the flavor that made you fall in love with craft beer.  ABV 5%, IBU 30.

Sam Adams Winter Lager

For colder nights, lean on Winter Lager. A crisp bock with citrus and spices. The clementine orange aroma is especially refreshing during holiday months and celebrations. Drinks incredible smooth for a darker beer. Spice notes on the finish will have you ordering another and another and another. Best served slightly chilled not ice cold so you get the most flavor.  ABV 5.6%, IBU 22.

Sam Adams Wicked Hazy IPA

Super-juiced with haze for days. How about a rush of pineapple over here? How about a one-two punch of mango and peach over there? Wicked Hazy is a little bit extra – a blast of tropical fruit, with a smooth, silky finish. It’s like a beautiful swirling magic-eye for your mouth, if that makes sense. Drink up, it will soon.  ABV 6.8%, IBU 35.

Sam Adams Wicked Eazy IPA

Picture this – you’re not doing a damn thing. This is the beer that pairs with that. Easy drinking and bursting with citrus fruit, Wicked Easy is a refreshing, kick all the way back, crushable, sippable (is that a word? Is now!) go to when you need a light beer, big on flavor. Nice hope aroma and pleasant sharp hop flavor that dissipates very quickly. Love this Eazy drinking beer!  ABV 4.7%, IBU 12.

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