white-wine_webMost people think about beer when it gets warm outside, but there are numerous wines that are great for sipping when it is hot outside. Whether in your backyard or at the lake, here are a few great white wines that are clean and refreshing:


Gewurztraminers deliver a nice touch of apple, apricot and peach sweetness, with a crisp, clean finish.


Chenin Blanc has hints of apple and citrus with a highlight of sweetness. The lighter flavors make this a very friendly wine.


One of the most popular summertime white wines! Pinot Grigio has a crisp, green apple flavor with a refreshing finish.


Sauvignon Blanc delivers bright citrus and grapefruit flavors. Some Sauvignon Blancs even have a hint of fresh cut grass. Almost as refreshing as lemon water!


When looking for a warm weather Chardonnay, try and find an unoaked Chardonnay. These Chardonnays often have more of a citrus and tropical fruit flavor. You will also find that some Australian and Chilean Chardonnays are great for under the sun.


Sparkling wines provide endless options for summertime fun. By itself, it is clean and refreshing. Add some orange juice to make a mimosa, or serve it with a plate of fresh strawberries!


A very fresh wine similar in style to Pinot Grigio. Vinho Verde has a light effervescence that gives it a snappy, refreshing finish.


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