By Thomas Pankratz

The 188th Oktoberfest will commence on September 16th through Oct 3rd in 2023. The world’s largest folk festival is always an awe-inspiring sight. More than 6 million people visit Oktoberfest every year! With that, we decided to run Paulaner as our Brewery of the Month for all of September. Prost!

Paulaner has always been one of my favorite German Breweries! Smooth and delicious with every sip. Pairs well with the usual suspects of brats and burgers (which are staples at our house). I look forward to this time of year, and trying all the different seasonal Oktoberfest beers that arrive at our stores and Paulaner always stands out as an employee favorite.

Paulaner was established in 1634 in Munich by the Paulaner Order of Mendicant Friars. Now owned by the Schorghuber family, it is one of the six breweries which provides beer for the Munich Oktoberfest.

The Paulaner Brewery has always developed new techniques: One of the first Carl von Linde Ice Machines was used in 1881 at the brewery and from that point on beer could be brewed all year round. Paulaner has gone thru some trials and tribulations as in the World War II when large parts of the brewery were destroyed by bombs. Reconstruction lasted until 1950. Paulaner brewed the first non-alcoholic Weissbier in the world. Innovative and always delicious. Also, for the first time in history, paulaner exported one million hectoliters to the rest of the world in 2016! An astonishing feat for sure!

The name Paulaner has stood for the highest quality and Munich beer culture since 1634. The Paulaner brew masters brew the diverse products of a Bavarian brewery, from classics like Weissbier and Hell to specialties like Salvator and Oktoberfest Bier and even new beer creations, in Munich. Paulaner is a long-established family-owned company in Munich that now exports to over 70 countries and that has developed into a globally thinking, modern and successful brand enterprise for years to come!

Paulaner Oktoberfest Munich

An amber style that was developed over 200 years ago to celebrate the original Oktoberfest. The Marzen name comes from “March” beer because it was historically brewed in March to be at peak flavor for the Oktoberfest celebration. With a fairly malty and sweet finish this beer will appeal to many who want a flavorful beer with exceptional drinkability.  ABV 5.8%

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier

Since 1818, Paulaner has brewed this bottom-fermented Oktoberfest Bier during Oktoberfest. This is Germany’s favorite Oktoberfest beer and ais a true institution in Munich. The glass is full of October sunshine, strong and golden. The Perfect balance of a light taste of hops and a strong note of malt. A feast of a beer, which always goes down well. This beer is only brewed for Oktoberfest. That’s where it belongs, along with all the fun of the fair like the Ferris wheel and roasted almonds.  ABV 6.0%

Paulaner Salvator

Paulaner’s brewing history begins with this beer. It was the Paulaner monks who invented this unfiltered bottom-fermented double bock. This beer has been brewed for over 375 years. Always adhering to the original recipe, with only a few refinements over the years.  ABV 7.9%

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen

It’s the #1 wheat beer in Germany and one of the world’s favorites. In fact, beer experts call it a masterpiece. In developing this beer, the Paulaner brewmasters have perfected a unique technique with “yeast suspension,” resulting in a uniform, slightly cloudy appearance, consistent quality, and perfect taste.  ABV 5.5%

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