December Spirit of the Month 2018

Written by Jay O.

OtterBox and Blue Ocean Enterprises founders Curt and Nancy Richardson, recently introduced Nooku, the first true bourbon cream.  Crafted using two premium ingredients – bourbon whiskey and fresh dairy cream. Nooku is the only spirit of its kind and is crafted at the Old Elk Distillery in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Nooku is a Native American name for the white snowshoe rabbit.  A strong, fast, bold and hearty, yet soft and smooth animal known for its lush coat and lightning speed.  The same juxtaposition exists in this barrel-aged bourbon blended with ultra-smooth dairy cream.  It has all the strength of bourbon with the delicate qualities of a decadent cream.  The perfect pair!

This brand-new bourbon cream that recently hit our shelves has ribbons of caramel-colored cream that pour into the glass to deliver a smooth, rich taste.  It is an authentic barrel-aged bourbon made with real dairy cream with no added sugar, artificial color or flavoring.  Just two ingredients!  It is a new experience for all bourbon lovers that has a hearty bourbon finish in real dairy cream.  The bourbon is a high malt recipe that is aged two years in new, charred oak barrels.  The tastes of buttery toffee and spicy vanilla in the bourbon complement the rich cream.  Surprisingly it does not require refrigeration after opening.

This bourbon and cream balance pairs perfectly as a cool afternoon aperitif, an evening by the fire, or wonderfully with a group of friends and family for dessert around your holiday table.  Start your evening with a Nooku served on ice, in cocktails, or create an entirely new recipe with this innovative spirit.  This decadent libation is now available at all Happy Harry’s locations.



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