By Thomas Pankratz

Kona Brewing Company was founded by father and son team Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa. The pair had a vision to reflect the spirit, culture, and beauty of Hawaii in a collection of local island craft beers, so in 1994 they set out for the Big Island to bring their dream to life.

Flash forward to today, and Kona Brewing has become one of the most widely popular craft beer brands in the world. They have managed to stay true to their Hawaiian roots through innovation, sustainability, and community outreach. And they are still headquartered where it all began, in Kailua-Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Aloha. That’s how most conversations begin in Hawaii. It’s also how many of them end. But “Aloha” doesn’t just mean hello and goodbye and love and welcome. It means more than a word can express. It’s a feeling. A way of life. “Aloha” is the idea that we are all connected to everyone and everything around us and that true joy is found in respecting this connection. And it’s in this aloha spirit that the Kona Brewing Company was founded back in 1994 by Cameron Healy and his son Spoon Khalsa. They combined their love of Hawaii and its pristine, natural beauty with their fondness for delicious, local brews, and lucky for us, their dream lives on more than 25 years later.

Kona Big Wave has become one of my favorite “go to beers” in Happy Harry’s cooler. Smooth and refreshing, it never disappoints, but don’t sleep on some of the other selections they put out either. 

So, try a few of them. And join them in their pursuit of aloha.

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale

Paddle into easy-drinking, island refreshment with Big Wave. So smooth, its like catching the crest of a breaking wave at Oahu’s Makaha Beach and gliding all the way into the sandy shore. Paradise is just a sip away, so bring our ohana along for the ride. Light and refreshing with hints of tropical fruits. Nice light body and easy to drink.  ABV 4.4%, IBU 21

Kona Mai Time Light

Lively and refreshing, Mai Time Light has flavors of pineapple, orange and lime, inspired by the classic island cocktail. It’s easy-going, like the time of day when the setting sun on Maui brings new energy ashore and sends tensions out with the tide. Paradise is just a sip away, so embrace the moment you’re in.  ABV 4.0%, IBU NA

Kona Longboard Island Lager

Ride the wave of crisp refreshment with Longboard. It goes down smooth like the surf break at iconic Waikiki Beach-s Chill, you ‘ll want to come back again and again. Paradise is just a sip away, so relax with your ohana and celebrate what makes life good. They call Longboard liquid aloha because its crisp and refreshing flavors are inspired by its island roots.  ABV 4.6%, IBU 20

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