Dollarphotoclub_38277821Over the past few years, the majority of new products in the distilled spirits category have revolved around new flavor innovations, mostly vodka. In the past year, America’s two biggest whiskey distillers have made a bold move by “flavoring” their whiskies…including Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s.

While flavored Brandy and Whiskey have been around for years, this new breed of flavored spirits is very different from its predecessors. Older versions tend to be more cordial-like with a sweet, sticky flavor and texture. The new style of flavored whiskies are designed more to reflect their native spirit and to be mixed in cocktails or served over ice. The most common flavors being produced right now are honey and cherry, but you will also find blackberry, apple, maple, spiced and cinnamon.

Here is a look at a few of the flavored whiskies…

BIRD DOG BLACKBERRY: A blend of American Whiskey and blackberries provides a unique flavor of sweet blackberry fruit, vanilla and a slight hint of caramel sweetness. Once again, the additional flavoring is secondary to the light-bodied American Whiskey style.

JIM BEAM RED STAG: One of the classic Bourbon cocktails has always been the Manhattan with a cherry garnish. Well, take the classic Jim Beam, infuse it with sweet black cherries and the Manhattan will be the first thing that comes to mind. When you first taste Red Stag, you will know it is Jim Beam because of the toasted oak and smoky flavors. About halfway through the first taste, the cherry flavor explodes and then finishes with the smooth, rich flavor of Jim Beam Bourbon. Best served over ice or as a Manhattan.

JACK DANIEL’S TENNESSEE HONEY: I am sure a lot of Jack Daniel’s fans scratched their heads and said, “WHAT IN THE WORLD, DON’T PUT HONEY IN MY JACK!” The aroma of Jack’s sugar maple charcoal, along with a sweet honey aroma, jump out of the bottle. The flavors of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey are evident from start to finish along with flavors of butterscotch, vanilla, roasted nuts and caramel. Jack Daniel’s Honey is definitely the sweetest of these new whiskies. Jack Daniel’s Honey can be enjoyed chilled, over ice or neat as an after dinner sipper.

KNOB CREEK SMOKED MAPLE: A full bodied Bourbon with the traditional depth and power of the original Knob Creek. The addition of maple syrup compliments the smoky, sweet undertones of Knob Creek Bourbon. There is just enough maple to round the edges and make this a great after dinner treat…or served with your bacon and pancakes for breakfast!

FIREBALL CINNAMON WHISKEY: Fireball is the best selling and fastest growing flavored whiskey in the United States! It is probably the sweetest of the mentioned brands, but the cinnamon quickly heats up the sticky texture and warms you to the core. A favorite among customers is to pour an ounce into a glass with their favorite cider.




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