Disgruntled Brewing Company

By: Thomas Pankratz

The Disgruntled Brewing formula is simple: Give their slightly-gruff, admittedly never-quite-satisfied head brewer the world’s best ingredients, then stand back and marvel as he produces one great beer after another. Ales. Lagers. Stouts. Wheat beers. Specialties. Seasonals. German. Belgian. Russian. Brett Doebbeling, co-owner and head brewer of Disgruntled Brewing, brings years of brewing experience to the business and in 2018 they added Pete Waldon to their team. Waldon, originally from Denver, brings more than 27 years of brewing experience to the business from his time as head brew master at Glacial Lakes Brewing in New York Mills, MN. In July of 2020, the brewhouse expanded with two new 20bbl Unitanks so they could make more of the fantastic brews they create.

Being a smaller brewery has its advantages, before they release their special brews, they always make sure the quality of their hand-crafted beer is where they envision it from start to finish. The color, smell, taste & texture all play a huge role. Every beer you’ve had from the Disgruntled team is brewed with 💗LOVE💗 in every ounce.

With a constant selection of interesting beers from sours to ales and crazy takes on fruited sours like the Better Off Bread (a peanut butter and jelly sour) your sure to find a beer you will enjoy from the makers from Disgruntled.  So cheers to you and continue to stay Grumpy which is good!

This fruited sour brings you closer to your toes in the warm sand & soothing sounds of waves crashing on the beach. Creamy marshmallow floats you through strawberry, guava & diving you into pineapple. Making this the ideal vacation break.  IBU 0, ABV 5.8%

This Unnamed & Unashamed Imperial Pastry Stout – indulging each sip you drink. As you savor each taste of Blueberry, Coconut, Cacao Nibs, Lactose & Vanilla Bean. This beautiful brew is in Collaboration with our pals from Wisconsin’s finest- Oliphant Brewing.  IBU  55, ABV 10.5%

Inspired by the unpredictability of MN winters. This traditional brew of dark malts provides a dark, rich color, while a long slow fermentation creates a smooth, deceptively drinkable lager. Perfect for any ice-fishing excursions! Artwork by the talented tattoo artist of Fargo, ND – Meg Felix.  IBU 0, ABV 5.3%

This sour is packed with fruit! Peach, Tangerine, Passionfruit, and Orange along with vanilla and marshmallow!  IBU 3, ABV 7.8%.

For more info and more brews from Disgruntled, visit: disgruntledbeer.com 


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