By: Thomas Pankratz

Blakes Hard Cider Co. is a family run business and has been since its start in 1946. With a desire to explore farming, Gerald and Lovey Blake moved their family of 13 kids!!! Out of the suburbs and onto a 100-acre plot of land in Armada, MI with only a 3-bedroom home  After helping on the family apple farm for years, Twin brothers, Pete and Paul Blake, returned after graduating from Michigan State with an interest in growing what their family had built over the years, adding more diverse experiences for visitors. 

Years later, Paul’s son, Andrew Blake, who had grown up working on the farm with his family, returned to Armada with a desire to explore hard cider. With his family’s blessing and support, Andrew founded Blake’s Hard Cider in 2013.  By growing, pressing, and fermenting their own apples on their own farm they are able to proudly and consistently produce a truly authentic and uncompromised craft hard cider experience.

With over 70 years of apple harvesting experience, they have perfected their 5-apple blend, creating a cider base that’s truly derived from their backyard. Their ciders contain nearly half the sugar of most national cider brands. They pride themselves in offering customers a taste of their orchard, instead of concentrates and additives. They are also able to produce one of the freshest gluten free ciders.

In closing, Blake’s is a great option for people that want a fresh farm to table cider. Every time I have had a Blake’s product, I have been pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully natural there ciders taste. Great option for a nice change. Check them out next time you stop into your nearest Happy Harry’s on sale all month. Cheers!

Beginning with a unique blend of apple varietals, this Imperial hard cider offers balanced sweetness and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. The result of using real fruit is a pure, uncompromised taste that pays homage to their roots. This was the first Imperial ever to be made by Blake’s. High Alcohol semi-sweet apple cider made with 100% fresh pressed American apples by American farmers. The fresh-pressed apples complement the slight booziness, making this an easy sipper with a clean and balanced finish.  ABV: 8%        Cals: 240       Carbs: 23g     Sugars: 19g

Extremely refreshing take on a blend of peach and big blackberry. Light but flavorful is how I would describe this lovely cider. Get ready to groove with the goodness of sweet peach, bold blackberry, and mellow apple. It’s all peach and love at this party.  ABV:   6.5%f  Cals:200        Carbs: 23g    Sugars: 15g

Jam packed with Berry refreshing. Inspired by the juicy berries they grow on their farm each summer, Triple Jam is the perfect balance of reipe sweetness with bold fruit aromatics. Bursting with strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, this semi-sweet cider captivates the nuances of their farm, in each and every taste.  ABV: 6.5%     Cal: 200         Carbs: 19g    Sugars: 14g

Cannonball into a pool of citrus and sweet with your new main squeeze. Good times are only a floatie away with every lip-smacking sip of this bright and balanced hard cider.  ABV:  6%        Cal: 180         Carbs: 18g    Sugars: 14g

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