Brewery of the Month – November 2017

Written by Alex T. – Happy Harry’s Brew Crew

Adam Avery is the founder of Avery Brewing Company.  Adam had moved from Illinois to Boulder in 1989 to pursue his passion in rock climbing.  Soon after he moved there, some friends introduced him to home brewing and he quickly found a new passion in craft beer. 

After a few years of home brewing with a lot of praise from his friends that tried his beer, he decided to take his passion and turn it into a business.  In 1993 Adam established Avery Brewing Company.  At the time craft beer was still gaining popularity and was nowhere near as popular as it is today, but Adam believed in his beer and pressed on.

The start was slow for business but as the craft beer craze grew, so did Avery Brewing Company.  2003 brought the opening of the tap room for Avery, in 2009 Avery started barrel aging beers, and in 2010 they first started canning their beers.

Eventually Avery outgrew the capacity that their brewery could withstand and needed a new home with more space.  In 2014 they broke ground for their new brewery, and in 2015 they were able to move all production into it.  With the new brewery they were able to increase their yearly production to 50,000 barrels with a capacity to of 100,000 barrels if needed.

The new brewery was designed to be a green brewery.  An example of this is that Avery can recycle the CO2 that is created in the brewing process and turn it into glass bottles.  The new brewery, once fully operational, will have a negative carbon footprint. 

Other great features that come with the new brewery are a taproom on the first floor and a restaurant on the second floor in which both have 30 different lines of beer to try.  A catwalk above the brewing area is also incorporated that gives tour goers a great above view of the brewery. 

Tasting Notes

Avery’s IPA is their flagship award winning beer that pours a golden amber color and carries aromas of pine and citrus hops with a hint of caramel sweetness. The taste consists of pine and citrus that you get on the nose, but you also pick up herbal notes, grapefruit, and light bread notes.  It’s a very well-rounded IPA that is very deserving of every award it has received.  What a delicious beer!  ABV – 6.5%, IBUs – 65.


For Avery’s White Rascal they went with an authentic Belgian-style white ale. This tasty beer pours a cloudy golden hue that is accompanied by the usual Belgian-style funky wheat aroma with a hint of banana.  At first sip it has an ever so slight sourness that leads into bread notes, spices, citrus, and banana.  Overall Avery delivered on this style of beer.  They were aiming for an authentic Belgian-style white ale and they hit it right on the nose, what a fantastic beer.  ABV – 5.6%, IBUs – 22.


Avery’s Raspberry Sour is one, if not thee, most popular sours that they brew. It pours ruby crimson color and right away on the nose you obviously get a funky raspberry but can also notice vinegar and malt.  The flavor profile is much like the nose with the sour notes dominating the palette with some breadiness in the background.  Overall this is a fantastic sour that can be enjoyed by sour lovers or for someone who is first getting into try sour beers.  ABV – 6.5%, IBUs – N/A.



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