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We are very excited to share with you our new premium shopping service: Happy Harry’s DIRECT. 

Through our travels visiting wineries and distilleries throughout the world, we always try to bring home some of the best wines and spirits available.  With Happy Harry’s DIRECT, you will be able to access some of these treasures on a first come, first serve basis.  Some selections will be cellar worthy, while others will be great for special occasions now.

Happy Harry’s DIRECT is a premium service that will have no membership fee and no additional requirements.  As a subscriber you will have the opportunity to purchase very limited and unique offerings that are hand selected by our tasting team.   We will send you emails throughout the year informing you of buying opportunities and/or events.  The emails will include tasting notes, ratings and exclusive pricing on all featured items.  Some buying opportunities will be very time sensitive and quantities may be very limited.

Sign up today to receive the next Happy Harry’s DIRECT offer! Cheers!

All orders must be picked up and purchased at the store of your choice. These orders are only available thru this Happy Harry’s DIRECT order form. Happy Harry’s DIRECT offers are not available to purchase in-store

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Available Offerings


Happy Harrys Direct Offer No. 26

Happy Harrys Direct Offer No. 26

Brought to you from the world renowned Willamette Valley Vineyards—This label pays tribute to ancestors of Willamette Valley Vineyards founder Jim Bernau — Pronounced “may-tee,” a French word termed for the descendants of both Native and French-Canadian Parents.  His...

Sold Out Offerings

Happy Harry’s Direct Offer No. 16

Happy Harry’s Direct Offer No. 16

“Years ago, I began experimenting with the variety I love — Pinot Noir. Instead of destemming and crushing the berries, I gently dropped the hand-picked clusters in a chilled fermenter, pushed all the oxygen out with CO2 and sealed the vessel tight. What happened next...

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